About Us

The University of Alaska Fairbanks is a public, flag-ship, research university with seven campuses across the State of Alaska.  It is America's northernmost Land, Sea, and Space Grant institution and home to more than 8500 students from around the world. W]

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at UAF offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in mathematics and statistics. Research interests of its 15 tenure/tenure-track faculty include algebraic statistics, analysis, combinatorics and graph theory, computational algebra, control theory, geometric analysis, inverse problems, mathematical biology, mathematical physics, mathematics education, numerical analysis, partial differential equations, sampling design, biostatistics, spatial statistics, density estimation, quality control, and design of experiments.

Jill Faudree (PI) is a Professor of Mathematics at UAF with research interests in structural graph theory including Hamiltonicity, cycle structure and saturation theory, highly incident geometric configurations, and applications of mathematics education research in the classroom. 

Julie McIntyre (Co-PI) is an Associate Professor of Statistics at UAF with research interests in measurement error models and nonparametric statistics.

Ryan Bridges (RA) earned an MS in Mathematics from the University of New Mexico and an MS in Statistics from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2023. He will start a PhD program in Statistics at Florida State University in Fall 2023. His research interests include algebrain number theory, diffeological spaces, and theoretical statistics. 

Advisory Board

We have an Advisory Board for oversight and assessment purposes. Information about the Advisory Board can be found here.